Tooth Deay Prevention Up To 18 Years Old

The destiny of teeth is decided early in our lives. Now, we can set the Course of our teeth! Cavities aren't destiny. 90% of cavities can be avoided!


You and your child can Profit from our Prophylaxis measures - high Quality process. If we aren't 100% successful, your child will have received the best fillings, and in extreme unlikely situations, even crowns, without any additional payment.

Go the new way with us - your child will thank you!

no minimum running time - can be canceled at any time

  • Individual cavity risk check - with the newest teeth medicine Knowledge (Cavity diagnostics/streptococcus mutans Analysis, salivary test, Z1 premium risk analysis)
  • Individual diagnosis, documentation, and advice
  • Professional teeth cleaning, including polishing
  • Removal of discolorations and pigment deposits
  • Color representation of dental Plaque and its removal
  • Periodic inspection of all tooth surfaces on decalcification marks
  • Fissure sealing & Fusion hardening by means of selective depth fluorination
  • Remineralization of incipient tooth defects
  • Melt hardening rail (only at high risk)
  • Treatment of mouth odor
  • Anti-cavity cure (a very expensive drug, applied locally to the teeth and eliminating the main carcinoma for several month)
  • Training and motivation for the right handling for the most effective teeth cleaning
  • Toothbrush check, suggestions of the right toothbrush for every age
  • Nutritional advice


  • Text message reminder for every appointment
  • KidsClub Certificate
  • Invitation to our yearly KidsClub-Party         (exciting games and fun exclusive for members)

Through a monthly KidsClub donation, social Projects implemented by the non-Profit association BIG SMILE e.V., support and enable socially weak children worldwide - and in Berlin - to have healthy teeth.

KidsClub wants you to join

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